Alicia Peterson Clark

Executive Director and Deputy Managing Director, Washington

As executive director and deputy managing director of APCO Worldwide’s Washington headquarters, Alicia Peterson Clark offers clients strategic insights honed through leadership roles on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ms. Peterson Clark develops and leads communications strategies to help industries, companies, associations and non-profits manage complex reputational and public policy challenges. As a leader of several of the firm’s largest client relationships, Ms. Peterson Clark created and currently leads the APCO Client Development and Management Program, an office-wide strategic business management platform that aligns internal resources against client needs, promotes integration and supports and trains colleagues for best-in-class client service and business management. Ms. Peterson Clark also serves on APCO’s Global Leadership Team, a group of senior business leaders from across the world to help steer the firm’s strategic direction and play a significant role in managing the firm’s global business.

Prior to APCO, Ms. Peterson Clark was U.S. Senator Richard Burr’s chief of staff, providing daily counsel on politics, policy, legislation and communications, as well as overseeing long-range strategic planning. Ms. Peterson Clark also served as chief of staff for Sen. Burr when he served in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ms. Peterson Clark previously held a range of key positions in the campaigns and administration of President George W. Bush, including surrogate and state media director for 2000 campaign, where she built a nationwide team to manage daily media operations. She also successfully directed communications teams on behalf of cabinet nominees seeking U.S. Senate confirmation. In the White House, she served as a special assistant to the president and deputy director in the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives, where she directed long-range and strategic planning projects to advance presidential priorities. She also served as assistant to the vice president for political affairs.

Ms. Peterson Clark earned her Bachelor of Arts in political science from Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss.